We spread the wings, You take the Initiative

Middle: Investment and Trade Support

Owing to Swaziland’s export-oriented economic development, the Kingdom has a proven track record for creating an environment that actively supports foreign trade and investment.


The Swaziland Investment Promotion Authority (SIPA); SIPA is a one-stop investment centre, providing a comprehensive range of information, advisory and facilitation services for domestic and foreign investors. SIPA is the national focal point for trade promotion, with special emphasis on hi-tech product exports.

Swaziland Industrial Development Company Limited (SIDC)
SIDC is a private development finance company which mobilizes domestic and external resources to finance enterprise projects, and finances joint ventures through the provision of long-term loans, equity participation, asset leasing and factory shells.


The Royal Science and Technology Park Board (RSTP)
The RSTP is a new parastal established in 2007 under the direction of His Majesty the King for the purpose of facilitating and promoting high-tech industry development and investment in Swaziland.


Other Support Organizations
Tibiyo Taka Ngwane was established as a royal charter which possesses a portfolio of diverse national development interests. It invests mainly in large joint ventures with both foreign and local technical business.

Micro: Industrial and Trade Expansion

Matsapha Industrial Estate – the Existing Industrial Hub; The Matsapha Industrial Estate is strategically located between the national capital Mbabane and Swaziland’s largest city Manzini, and has traditionally been the Kingdom’s hub of industrial activity. Its cluster of factory buildings is fully equipped with supplemental facilities and utility resources, while the on-going expansion of the principal park mirrors industrial growth in the Kingdom.

Expansion of Industrial Park Development
The progression of further expansion of industrial park developments adjacent to the Matsapha Industrial Estate is being fully achieved via new prospective developments coming to life to meet growing demands and fulfilling the strategy for developing Swaziland’s industrial estates. The initiation of the Royal Science and Technology Park ushers in a new era of innovation and intelligence-based industrial development. The Park will be situated at Nokwane which is a stone throw-away from the Matsapha Industrial Estate