We spread the wings, You take the Initiative

Overall Building Plan

 The international image of Swaziland will be greatly enhanced and future investment encouraged by the superior, state-of-theart quality of the biotech park facility. The investor will have the freedom to choose from different types of buildings which best suit the specific demands of industry and business, and all working space; from business office units to 3000 – 5000m factory buildings, are proposed to be roomy and surrounded by the eco-environment. Besides the business and industrial areas, the Park also includes recreational, commercial and residential areas to create an integrated large-scale eco-park with a new definition for working space.

Master Plan

Green Wings Lift, Biotechnology Soars: The park community’s unparalleled working and living environment Is achieved by maximizing the economic, social and ecological sustainability, and enhancing the ecological functions and well-being of both the cultural and natural environments.The plan shows the desire to achieve the above.

  1. Gateway
  2. Service Centre
  3. Transit Area
  4. Car Park
  5. Agriculture-related, Biotechnology Zone
  6. Innovation-related , Biotechnology Zone
  7. Mixed-use Area
  8. Cultural Village
  9. Green House
  10. Park
  11. Green Land
  12. Detention Pond
  13. Water Supply
  14. Waste Treatment Facility
  15. Power Supply

Land Use Plan

The Biotechnology Park, casts an opportunistic platform for the smart investor ready to take aim at the future  biotechnology renaissance. Fulfilling its role and purpose, the park is developed into a compact special zone, offering superior executive industrial plots tailor-made for fostering the business of biotechnology.

Objectives of Land Usage

  • Growing
    An environment that is proficient in enabling biotechnology industry growth and technology transfer.
  • Pleasing
    Physical infrastructure that is quality-based, safety assured and in harmony with the natural environment, and pleasing to the eye.
  • Stepping
    Park development in phases to optimally take advantage of the existing industrial resources and prudently prepare for the future expansion and upgrading of the park.


Key Spatial Concept

Zoning for diverse biotechnology factories and R&D centres. Compact core centre for park management, research,
exhibition and financial activities.

  • Public facilities and services.
  • Complete traffic hierarchy & reasonable freight traffic lines.


Protection of the ecological environment and public health. Special landscaping and cultural recreation functionalities. Mixed-use district and residential areas providing living support.
Linkage to the existing Matsapha Industrial Estate for connecting base resources, including enterprises and utilities. Linkage to the site of future Royal Science and Technology Park and Centre of Excellence for linking up with other hightech industry clusters.


Landscape Subdivision Plan

Landscape Plan: The surrounding site has a landform of low hills and basins, which represent the key characteristics of the area. The future development will not only celebrate these themes or cultural elements, but also implement the goal of a Lohas, lifestyles of health and sustainability via creating the opportunities for people to get into contact with nature. Such a theme shall be achieved with:

  • The aggregation of open space to create connections and urban greenways;
  • Providing a hierarchy and variety of open space;
  • Enhancing greenbelts and habitat networks;
  • Ensuring natural drainage;
  • Allowing increased access to water.