We spread the wings, You take the Initiative

About The Park


By 2022 Swaziland will be renowned internationally for her swiftness in exploring science, technology and innovation as means to increase the country’s economic growth and increase capacity by developing a knowledge – based economy and infrastructure thus substantially alleviating poverty


The Kingdom of Swaziland, along with the rest of the developing countries, continues to face the socio-economic challenges of the 21st century. The need to accomplish the Millenium Development goals, especially on the reduction of hunger and poverty, is the paramount focus of our government and we are determined not only to achieve these goals but to surpass them. Reality has shown that in spite of vigorous Government initiatives to attract foreign direct investment and stimulating local investments, our economy has not been growing at levels that would increase wealth creation and reduce poverty. It is thus imperative that new approaches to industrial development be explored. I am convinced that the application of science and technology to industrial development will create the stimulus for wealth creation by providing cost-effective solutions for knowledge-based enterprises. Our drive is to exploit opportunities provided by technological innovation through Research and Development (R&D) in order to realise optimum benefits of available natural resources in the country. Our economy is backed by agriculture, and the abundant availability of a wide variety of indigenous plants provides an excellent basis for the development of a Biotechnology Park which will lead in research and development of new agricultural products, food processing, cosmetic and medicinal products, as well as bio-fuels, to name a few. The Biotechnology Park will strengthen our quest for food sustainability as well as stimulating innovation in industrial

As a country we are cognisant of the fact that a number of Science and Technology Parks have been developed around the world as a means of stimulating start-up and growth of technological-intensive, knowledge-based industries, and of facilitating the links between research and industrial development. We aim to enter the field of Science and Technology Park Development by adopting best practice which should assist in stimulating investment and job creation through the commercialisation of research results. The strategic geographical location of our country, and the ever-improving physical infrastructure provides a perfect location for investment outputs to reach Sub-Saharan countries and the rest of the world. Our young people are reasonably well educated and in a position to be further developed to meet the ever-changing technological advancement needs. Our Science and Technology Park will provide a comparatively excellent infrastructure and we are determined to offer competitive incentives for investments. We invite you to be a part of this technological development initiative and you will not be disappointed. We are spreading our wings through science and technology.